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Tanning Bed Tips for Beginners & Learn How to Use A Tanning Bed

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If you have never used commercial sun tanning beds or are looking for some extra indoor tanning techniques, this article “Tanning Bed Tips for Beginners” is for you! We will show you the various methods for beginners and experts alike. Indoor tanning is a fun, quick, and safe way to get yourself a great bronzed look, regardless of the season or how much sun is outside.    

Tanning Bed Tips for Beginners: A Brief Guide

1. Local suntanning salons with commercial suntanning beds offer special offers and discount codes in mailers and market receipts. Often you can find local suntanning deals. Use these types of free or low-priced suntanning or low-priced offers to obtain a feel for the salons in the area. Once you’re confident with a beauty salon, work with the beauty salon employee for a special offer for more tans and designer lotion for tanning.

2. Never consider an advertised local suntanning special. The suntanning salon employee behind the counter can provide you with better deals to use their beds. The suntanning salon can get you almost any reasonable deal you’ll be able to think of and even give you suntanning lotion for free. Their particular stock associated with suntanning lotion is similar to bargaining chips, so rely on them. 

3. The creams and products sold within bed tanning salons include safe compounds that accelerate your skin’s ability to brown. Indoor suntanning lotions make your money go further simply because they shorten the time it takes for your skin to begin tanning. 

4. The fourth one among our tanning bed tips for beginners is that you should prepare your skin beforehand. Your skin should be clean and clear of dead buildup. You want your skin layer to obtain the best brown possible, so using mild water, soap, body wash, or a good quality exfoliator is important. Using any kind of body poof, scrub the arms and legs and the rest of the body with a circular motion. It will help remove lifeless skin and may improve the effectiveness of tanning. After you clean yourself, use a light moisturizer for the skin to maintain a high skin moisture level, this also helps keep skin follicles clear. Unscented lotions are usually best. 

5. How much time should you spend tanning? If you’re a starter, talk with the salon employee. They will let you pick an excellent starting variety for suntanning. In a regular setting, there’s nothing wrong with starting with ten or so minutes, to begin with. Being in the tanning booth too long could lead to severe burns. Begin small and slowly work your way up to 25 minutes. If you begin to feel any kind of prickling or even stinging on the skin, you could have over-exposure. Stop as soon as possible. 

6. Don’t shower right after tanning. Allow the tan to settle and wait at least three or four hours. If you do bathe, always use a moisturizer to maintain skin moisture. 

7. Tanning indoors is just as harmful to your skin as outdoor sun tanning. You must make your best decision on how much time to carry on tanning. Indoor tanning dangers include ugly sun spots and skin cancer. Start off small if you are new to or simply learning how to use a tanning bed. By this, I mean to restrict your initial session or even two, do not stay inside the booth for a complete treatment; instead, reduce it to half the time or less. 

8. Avoid sporting fragrance, deodorant, or even robust soaps before getting into a tanning booth. These irritants can add to the work and heat from the suntanning bulbs and may cause unsightly rashes and other uncomfortable results. 

9. Keep the genitals and nipple parts covered. If they are exposed, you will quickly find wearing clothes or simply just walking an unbearable chore. These body parts are usually not exposed to the sun, so the skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to burning. Minimize exposure and add a dab of sunscreen on your armpits. As with all your other sensitive areas, the armpit, in particular, is just not accustomed to reasonable amounts of sun exposure, and a tanning booth will present a similar obstacle for this sensitive spot. 

10. Keep your eyes sealed and coated when suntanning cream. Your eyelids are usually too thin to protect your sight from sunlight and always have to be protected. FDA-accredited eyewear is necessary in order to enter any particular salon. If you are not sure how to tan safely, then probably you may don’t own the tiny eye protectors many users have; luckily, however, most salons will provide you with some eye protection. So be sure to take advantage of these when you can, or you will probably burn your eyes and create serious health issues.  

11. Make sure it is safe to use a tanning booth if you are taking any prescription medicine. Sometimes getting a tan may cause certain uncomfortable side effects or responses to several medications.  

12. Place a compact, easily familiar sticker (playboy rabbit or flower) in the desired location of your body (abdomen, breast, or even shoulder) before getting into the suntanning booth to present yourself with any cute, very little temporary tattoo. The sticker will stop the UV lights from browning the area beneath the particular sticker leaving skin lighter as opposed to the rest of your body. 

13. Protect your lips. You will need to apply an SPF 15 lip balm before every suntanning session, inside your home or outside. Our lips don’t have melanin and therefore cannot brown. If you skip this step, your lip area will become very dry and chapped. Since nobody wants to kiss dry lips, you should use your lip balm. 

14. Should you use bronzers? Several different lotions contain more than one “bronzer”. It is something that offers you a much more immediate color and works together with UV light to give you a darker, more golden tan. A few higher-end products have multiple bronzers to present really stunning results. There are also tingle products, which contain things that cause stimulation towards skin that may cause a rise in surface circulation, which will produce a quicker tan. It will help the skin produce a great tan since much more circulation means the pigment cells are carried towards the skin’s surface faster. Tingle products are often very effective but might cause reddening and discomfort in most people; thus, it’s far better to try a mild one and remain faithful to one product once you check it out.

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 15. Tanning nude, should you or shouldn’t you? Whether you go topless or not in the tanning booth is your choice. The suntanning rooms typically have locks on them, and the norm is to tan topless. It can be a personal preference and another that you must make alone. Be cautious if you use any bronzer suntanning lotion because several bronzer lotions may blemish clothing.

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