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Tanning.Guru is the best platform to show to gather information in any beauty field. We are always ready to offer you the current best-updated details about the latest health and beauty products and tips as soon as it’s available. Tanning.Guru is an ideal website for health and beauty lovers worldwide. Modern women are interested in making their bodies fair. We wish to become the most popular health and beauty collection among beauty queens worldwide.

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Our Purpose

Tanning.Guru is produced by a team of beauticians and designers passionate about fashion and beauty like fresh hairstyles, tanning tips and beauty treatments.
Our Purpose at Tanning.Guru is to create a welcoming online beauty shopping experience.

Who We are

We operate over six stores in 4 countries worldwide, with an expanding base of three stores across Sri Lanka, since opening our first Sri Lanka store in Gampaha in 2018. Today, Tanning.Guru is an excellent, powerful beauty presence in countries worldwide thanks to our team of products in every category. We provide you with an interactive shopping environment today.
Clients can use our website to get a strong best-in-class beauty shopping experience and more services and tips from our expert-trained beauty advisers.

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