Paint It Black Tanning Lotion Review

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Product Overview

  • 50X Auto-Darkening Tan Technology to deliver excellent tanning results
  • Extreme Silicone Emulsion Blend leaves skin feeling silky and soft
  • The stunning dark tan lasts all-day
  • Accelerates, Bronzes, Firms Skin, and Silicon Emulsion
  • Fresh and Clean fragrance

Is it really possible that Paint It Black can contribute to making a tanning bed healthier to use? It is generally thought that it is a much better idea to use a tanning lotion rather than laying out in the hot sun or using tanning beds alone. It presents a much healthier way to get the color you desire and takes away the dangerous and harmful effects you may experience by using a tanning bed alone or sitting under the sun for hours on end. The issue with tanning lotions is that they tend to be quite messy, can leave your skin looking more orange than bronze, and generally do not live up to expectations.

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Millennium Tanning

Millennium Tanning is a major player in the industry of tanning lotions, which has gained a name for itself by producing new and exciting ways to tan. Their punchy and catchy product names, coupled with their artistic and slick packaging, make them an appealing brand on the shop shelves, and their products stand out from the crowd. The problem is, it’s the product on the inside that matters, not the ultra-cool packaging, and their new product called Paint It Black looks super-cool from the outside, but what level of quality is the product inside? 


What Does Paint It Black Claim To Do?

Paint It Black Tanning Lotion throws out a huge claim that it will help to produce smooth, silky skin from an intense blend that consists of silicon emulsifiers. Beyond that, Paint It Black tells its customers they will experience a whole new level of purely stunning darkness. The claims are the usual marketing hype, but the product can act like several products in one; it can act as a bronzer, skin firmer, accelerator, and moisturize skin with effects that will last throughout the day.

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The Paint It Black Hype

As you will find with any product that fulfills its promises and actually works, Paint It Black has found the internet buzzing about it. On social media websites, there are literally thousands of reviews from satisfied customers claiming the product has produced incredible results, and they would highly recommend it. There is no better marketing than when your customers post positive reviews, and Paint It Black has certainly caught the imagination of the public. 


Can Be Used Once or Continually

Paint It Black is not designed to provide results that last for the long term; in fact, you must be committed to tanning if you require a long-term tan. Instead, Paint It Black can be perfect for use at one-off events such as weddings, homecoming, or a big date, but if you are seeking a more long-term solution, perhaps it is better to find a more suitable product. The main selling point of Paint It Black is that it has the ability to provide results that are 50 times darker. This means that you should easily be able to go from a light skin tone to a much more attractive darker skin tone, and the need to lie under the sun for extended periods or regularly visit a tanning salon will diminish, which will actually help to reduce your tanning commitments.

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Is It Good Value?

There are so many tanning products available that it is important to know you are getting value for money. Paint It Black is a very reasonable price considering the quality of the product and retails on Amazon for under $14. This may represent a slightly higher cost than some other lotions, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. 


Customer Evaluations

A tanning product such as this is bound to receive a whole variety of reviews due to people having different skin tones and different familiarities with tanning lotions. It is impossible for any product such as Paint It Black to receive constant full marks. Upon looking through the thousands of reviews available on the internet, it is clear that this is a great product that will most likely work perfectly well for anyone who is used to using tanning lotion. The vast majority of users have given this product an extremely high rating, and recommendation, with only a small percentage left unhappy.


  • Excellent tanning results from a single application
  • Nice vanilla smell
  • Good product consistency
  • Great moisturizing qualities
  • Value for money


  • Be careful if you have very pale skin
  • Not a long-term tanning solution

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An overwhelming number of people are in love with Paint It Black, and it is hard to ignore such a vast recommendation. The product is good for your skin, smells great, and works perfectly, which is all you can ask of a tanning lotion. Its moisturizing effects mean it can even be used as a base for another bronzer if you desire. The only people who should be wary when purchasing this product are people with very fair skin. However, if you are familiar with tanning, it should present no problems and can help you achieve the desired color.

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