Luminary Tanning Lotion Review

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Are you proud of your tan or want to hide under a turtleneck and jeans during the summer? Designer Skin, a company specializing in self-tanning lotions, has a bronzer that works wonders for any skin tone. The Luminary, 25x Bronzer Tanning Lotion, is supposed to be one of the best tanning lotions on the market. When I wanted to reach for a turtleneck in June, I knew I had to do something about my pale arms and legs. The summer is a hectic time for me. I do not have time to sunbathe. Plus, the summer can be steamy hot, and the humidity is a killer to my hair. An excellent tanning lotion is my only option. I have chosen Luminary Bronzer Tanning Lotion because of the rave reviews online.    

Luminary Bronzer Tanning Lotion has four components that make it work.

  • It features an L.E.D. complex that is revolutionary. The L.E.D. complex captures the power of the light. It is a multifunctional system to help combat free radical aggressors. As a result, your skin is provided with rich skin color, elasticity, and a glowing tan mixed with a better skin tone and overall appearance.
  • Soft Celestial Stardust gives your skin perfect definition, which is the key to making it more luminous.
  • Magical Solar Silicon Emulsion is what sustains your deep tan. In other words, once you reach your desired shade, the magical solar silicon emulsion helps you retain it without you having to apply the lotion again. It works by hydrating your skin. It feels fantastic on the skin. You will love rubbing it into your skin.
  • Premium 25X Black Label Private Reserve is optimizing for a maximum bronzing capacity.

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My Experience

In the first week of usage, you will not see any visible signs of your skin bronzing. However, by the end of the second week, I saw my skin darken by two shades. In the third week, my skin was three shades darker than it was before I started rubbing the Luminary Tanning Lotion onto my skin.

My skin color holds for a few weeks before I have to reapply the lotion.

My skin feels smooth as silk when you apply the Luminary Tanning Lotion. It is because the lotion does not contain mineral oils. Mineral oil dries out the skin. Your skin can never stay hydrated. The silicon emulsion works by slowing down my skin’s aging process. As a result, my skin gets softer and remains hydrated during the tanning process. There is no oil residue or greasy feeling. I have tried other tanning lotions that leave my skin feeling like it can bake in the sun. You will never feel like a deep-fried chicken if you use Luminary Tanning Lotion.

Antioxidants are active ingredients in Luminary Tanning Lotion. They fight free radicals for both indoor and outdoor tanning. That is why in its essence, Luminary can be a daily moisturizer. It works 24/7 to fight against all the elements. With Luminary, I am getting a high-quality moisturizer lotion as well as a tanning lotion.

I have always been wary of self-tanners. I have the fear that I will turn orange if I use it. I’d rather be pale than orange. With Luminary Tanning Lotion, my fears are alleviated. It is not a self-tanner. Most tanners are sugar coaters. The lotion has juice extracts that work to bring out my skin’s darkest color possible. The Luminary Tanning Lotion produces melanin. Melanin is your body’s primary determent of skin color. Your skin tans because the lotion boosts the melanin in your body. The more melanin produced equals, the darker your tan.

On a very shallow note, the bottle looks fantastic on my dresser. The blue and silver bottle has an elegance and design that is not found in many tanning lotions.

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  • The warm sandalwood fragrance is pleasant to the nose.
  • The tans are more natural looking because your skin tans due to the production of melanin.
  • Your skin will gain elasticity.
  • The quality of your skin will be improved.
  • It is very versatile. It can be used for all skin types.
  • You are protected from the harsh elements of the sun and any indoor elements. This is great for me. I live in the Southern United States. The humidity can dry out the skin and make it harsh. With Luminary Tanning Lotion, my skin is moisturized and protected from the hot southern sun.


  • The fragrance disappears after tanning.
  • The price is high. The suggested retail price for a 13.5 oz bottle is $120. You can find it for a less high price on websites like

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Final Analysis

The tanning lotion does what it is supposed to do. However, the price point is really high for me. I am a college student and do not have as much petty cash. They should find a way to make the fragrance last a little longer, but this con does not eliminate all the positive attributes of Luminary Tanning Lotion. Therefore, I would rate my tanning experience with Luminary Tanning Lotion a solid A. 


Luminary Tanning Lotion offers a safe option for tanning. Similar products cannot find the side benefits of better skin and elasticity. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I will continue to use Luminary Tanning Lotion in the future. I will just have to cut back on other things for it to fit my budget, but it is worth it.

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