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How Much Is A Spray Tan? – Detailed Guide

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Now that seems an obvious starting point; how much is a spray tan?. Yet sometimes, answers do not have to be as simple as the questions they are supposed to answer. Here are some common questions about the cost of fake spray tan answered for you. 

Does The Price Of Spray Tan Vary?

Well, the answer could depend on the type and, perhaps just as importantly, the brand of the spray tan that people want to buy (unless you are fortunate enough to know where you can buy it at wholesale prices and in bulk), such as L’Oreal and Neutrogena for instance. Some people are only interested in the effectiveness of the products they buy, while others have to go for the most expensive brand even if cheaper brands work just as well (maybe even better). If you want high performance at a lower cost, you can have it or a famous brand at a higher price, but maybe not at a higher standard. So the prices of spray tans can vary broadly depending on what brand you want to purchase and, perhaps just as significantly, where you want to buy them.

You can obtain spray tan from places like beauty salons, chemists/healthcare retailers, and larger supermarkets. These places will vary their prices for fake tan spray according to how exclusive the brands are, their own brand or image (so a designer salon would charge more than a discount supermarket), or the size of their business overheads, which means stores with lower costs could afford to sell for less yet still make a profit (the mark up on spray tans is usually quite high). Another place where the prices could vary considerably is online sellers. People like to buy online because it can be easier to fit around their usually busy lifestyle or because they simply do not have enough spare time to go to the nearest store to buy spray tan

There can be intense competition between retailers trying to offer the best deals over the internet, and you could save money compared to the high street prices for the same items. Some retailers will also give you free postage, saving even more money. Other retailers only offer a free postage deal if you spend a certain amount of money to entice into buying more than a single item at a time, yet if you buy a lot of spray tan, that is worth doing. So depending on where you choose to buy your spray tan could make all the difference between paying around $7.00 per can or possibly paying over $50.00 per can, and that can be shopping in-store or purchasing via online retailers. Given enough time, people often develop brand loyalty and search for the best price on their favorite brands. 

What Are The Most Expensive Spray Tans?

The most expensive spray tans are made by designer brands or brands whose products are more scientifically advanced than any of their rivals. Let’s face it, some of the product descriptions are designed to baffle you with science for the company that makes the spray tan to set a higher selling price. 

Prices can also be higher due to the fake tan lasting longer than cheaper products, which means it does not have to be used as often or has a higher SPF (sun protection factor) than less expensive brands have. You mainly more because of the designer name attached to the product, and it often has higher quality boxes or other forms of fancier-looking packaging. Some people are happy to pay extra as they appear to be keeping up with others who show off how much extra they can afford to pay for fake tan (as well as everything else they buy). 

Some of the more expensive spray tans available include:

You may have also noted that the brands cannot agree on whether it should be described as self-tanning or self-tanning sprays (both ways are correct, but they should always be consistent as to which they use in descriptions, advertising, and on packages).

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What Are The Cheapest Spray Tans?

If you do not want to spend between $30.00 and $50.00 per can for a spray tan, then you do not have to do so. Now supermarkets, pharmacy/healthcare retailers, and many online retailers are falling over themselves to sell you fake tan spray at reduced prices. Online prices are often cheaper than in-store deals, yet sometimes with special discounts, your local high street retailers could be more affordable, if only for a limited time.

Suppose you need to buy fake spray tan regularly. In that case, it is always worthwhile buying in bulk. If you live near a wholesaler or take full advantage of multiple in-store or from the internet, buying one get one free, 3 for 2s, or buying two for a certain amount gives you more value for your money. Now when it comes to prices, the best you might find is a recognized brand such as L’Oreal will cost an average of around $7.00 per can. The average for a slightly more expensive brand such as Neutrogena is $10.00, give or take a few cents. Now, these brands will do a pretty adequate job of coating you with a fake sun tan for whatever reason you want a tan. 

Can I Trust The Online Retailers With The Lowest Prices For Spray Tan?

Some people are not always too sure about buying things over the internet; on the whole, most online sites are trustworthy, and you can spend your money without worrying. You should have no problems purchasing from a recognized retailer like a healthcare store or a supermarket. If you are using a site such as Amazon or eBay to buy from an online retailer, it is always a good idea to check out their ratings from their previous customers; the better their feedback, the more trustworthy and reliable they should be.

Always before buying, check if the retailer you intend to buy from has a returns policy and also make sure if they will charge you postage, and if they are, how much they will charge you for it. Should the postage costs make the spray more expensive than buying it in-store, you might buy your fake tan at your nearest shop. 

How Easy Is It To Pay A Set Price For Spray Tan On Internet Auction Sites?

In theory, at least eBay is an auction site where goods such as fake tan spray are up to auction, and the prices will go up whenever somebody bids on the item. If you are patient, you can buy the item at the starting price and, in the process, pick up an absolute bargain, and any postal costs could be higher than the price paid for the item won. However, when it comes to selling fake tan spray, most sellers put the cans they are selling on a buy-it-now as they are confident that there is a strong demand for them and they will get their asking price for it. So you might pay a lower price than buying your cans store, but you do not pay rock bottom prices for them.

Amazon offers potential buyers the chance to choose from many retailers selling spray tans. They all have fixed prices, yet you can browse through all the different pages and choose to pay whatever you feel comfortable with. As mentioned previously, on Amazon and eBay, you are most likely to pay from $10.00 to $50.00 depending upon the brand and the size of the can of spray tan you purchase.

You could search other websites to see if they have any fake tan sprays available to bid for in their auctions. You can win any item by placing the lowest unique bid. However, that is not the exact price for what they win, as they have to buy credits and use those credits to make a bid. It seems a very roundabout way to purchase a fake tan spray, and if you want to buy anything via such a site, it would probably sense to bid for cell phones and laptops as you would make much more significant savings.

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Would Buying A Spray Tan Machine Be Better Value For Money?

Now people can buy purpose-built spray tan machines, smaller ones for personal use and larger ones for commercial use in beauty salons. If you purchase and subsequently use many fake spray tan cans, especially those that cost $50.00, then it could be worth buying a spray tan machine for personal use within your home. You can pick up these machines for as little as $300.00, and you do not need government or state permission, provided they are for home use only. It could be a much more economical option for those constantly applying fake tan to themselves. The refills for spray tan machines are slightly more expensive to buy than the less expensive spray cans, yet overall they offer you a value for money. 

Is It Better To Buy Spray Cans In Bulk?

Once you have decided on the brands you can afford, like, and also know will give you a natural-looking tan, it is always worth considering buying cans in bulk if you make significant savings. In-store promotions can be a handy way of stocking up on fake tan without breaking the bank, especially if you know not a single can will be wasted. Sometimes stores will restrict the number of multiple purchases their customers can make on the items on special offer.

Still, you get around that by going to the store several times or to several different shops if the retailer has more than one store in your local area. Suppose the same offers are available online and postage costs are lower than the cost of filling up your car with gas. In that case, it is worth buying spray tan over the internet. If there are limits on the number of units you can purchase, but the savings are worthwhile, you could ask friends and family to buy some for you and then refund them after the fake tan has been delivered.  

Summary of the Prices Paid For Spray Tans

Thus, there can be various amounts of money people will pay to buy fake spray tan. Those who want good results yet are not meticulous about which brand they purchase can spend around $7.00 per can. For their money, they would expect a tan that looked good but accept that they might have to spray it a little more frequently, that it contains less moisturizer, or that it could have a lower SPF. Those with more money to spare could buy more expensive sprays, costing between $30.00 and $50.00.

If money is no object, there is no harm in paying extra to get what you want precisely. The rise of the internet has given people a tremendous amount of choice when purchasing fake tan, sometimes at a lower cost than buying in-store, and you do not even have to leave the comfort of your home to do so. People that use large numbers of cans should consider buying in bulk or at least take advantage of multiple purchases offers whenever they arise. Ultimately, buying a spray tan machine for personal use could be the most economical option for the avid user of fake tan.

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