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What Is The Best Time Of Day To Tan?

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What Is The Best Time Of Day For Tan?

Everyone loves a tan; the look of health – or that you’ve been on holiday recently is something to aspire to. People go about getting their tans in a variety of different ways, from going on holiday a lot to sitting outside in the sun whenever there is a hint of it, to tanning beds and everything in between. But no matter which method of tanning that you choose, the question remains – what is the best time of day to tan? Are some times of day significantly better than others, or is any time it is sunny good? Read on to find out. 

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Tan Outside

Tanning outside is by far the most natural way of tanning. Since it uses the sun’s rays, it tends to be much healthier than a tanning bed. But of course, whether tanning outside is available as an option to you depends entirely on where you live.

If you live in an area constantly bathed in the sun – like Florida, Texas, or Australia- then you are set, and it is a lot easier to tan outside. Of course, suppose you live in an area that is cold and doesn’t have much sun – for example, somewhere like Nebraska, Canada, or Scandinavia. In that case, your options for tanning outside and tanning naturally are somewhat more limited.

Fortunately, whether you live in somewhere where it is relatively hot, or you get 5 days of sun a year when you run outside the minute the sun shines in an attempt to get a tan, there are specific times where it is advisable to head outside to sunbathe, that will result in the best tan for you.

Generally speaking, the advice for what is the best time of day to tan outside is, is the same no matter where you live, be it a hot or cold country. If you want a decent tan, you need to head outside when the sun is at its highest, which means around midday.

If you sun bathe between 11am and 3pm, you will have the best chance of getting a decent tan. If it is sunny outside these hours, then you will still build a tan more slowly; it is just that it will take longer – the easiest and quickest time to tan is around midday.

Some quick advice if you do decide to tan outside, safety advice. Make sure you use sunscreen or sun cream. Never underestimate the sun; it is powerful even when it doesn’t seem that sunny. You want a tan, and being burnt is not going to help you get a tan. Suppose you buy a sunscreen that is specifically designed for tanning with a lower (but high enough to protect you) SPF. In that case, you can get tanned without risking getting burned or getting horrible skin conditions or even skin cancer. It is always worth protecting yourself.

So for the best tan, head out at midday.


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